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 Furniture is one of our favorite things to build. We offer heirloom quality furnishings, from built in units to stand alone pieces. While we generally only handle the metal aspects of the piece, we do offer 100% complete turnkey solutions as well. The sky is the limit  and we always welcome a challenge. 


So this was one of the biggest pieces of furniture we ever built. Once assembled, the table was 20 ft long x 5 ft wide. The base is completely modular and is built in 4 sections. All of the hardware is completely hidden in some manner. Each leg has a hidden adjustable foot to raise or lower the base. The tongue & groove Beachwood infill panels are completely removable from the inside of the frame. The table even offers a hidden access panel on one side.


Fun Fact: There are well over 250 fasteners in this piece.

This is our first ever in house product designed for sale. The Texas bench can be custom made with whatever logo and or name desired.  Features Ipe wood for a wonderful contrast. 



We were asked to design and build these two unique pieces. After a couple meetings to determine what the client wanted, this is what developed. The bookshelf (above) features a one off waterfall edge shelf. The mesquite wood top is beautifully mitered to follow the contour of the supporting steel tube. The tops were made and finished by Nick Sziklai with Summerwood Building. Below is a cool wine cabinet with built in metal drawer. 

This is one of our favorite pieces to date.  Would of loved to have seen this stay bare steel. The entire table is modular and bolts together effortlessly. Like a giant errector set! 



Here are a few more pieces from the Westlake office. The square tables are 1" tube steel with a blackened finish. The round table below was a cool piece. We dubbed it the "X-men" table due to the upper halo. The table tops are Taj Mahal Quartzite.

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